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Created high-quality sponsored content that educates consumers about your offer and delivers high-converting traffic to your landing pages.

Optimizes the best performing copy and creative assets for each traffic source.

Utilizes both our large network of publishers and other major native platforms including Facebook, Google, and Yahoo.

Only pay for clicks or conversions.
Case Study 1 | Teensafe
What we did for Teensafe, we can do for your business.

Working together for over three years, Teensafe and Content.ad built a highly successful and profitable partnership.

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"We started working with Content.ad very early, and we are very glad we did. They quickly became our largest single source of new customers, and they did it without any headaches or losses."

Rawdon Messenger

CEO Teensafe
Content.ad Customer Since 2013

Case Study 2 | Tophatter
What we did for Tophatter, we can do for your business.

The Content.ad team developed a channel strategy that continuously optimized content based on Tophatter’s KPI's by device.

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“There’s very little maintenance. We don’t have to write the articles or optimize the ads. Content.ad takes care of everything for us and because of that we can focus on other areas of our business.”

Ragnar Gudmundsson

VP of Growth and Marketing
Content.ad customer since 2014

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